Darshan Shivanna sharing same stage: fans are very happy for this stars meet!!

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After a long time, famous actors of Sandalwood industry, Dr. Shivarajkumar and Challenging star Darshan, have appeared on a same stage, which became exiting moments for fans..

Shivana fans craze. If you see this video you will be excited!!

There was a controversy between their fans for ‘Who is exactly ‘The Boss’s of Sandalwood?’. But there had been a healthy relationship between Dr Rajkumar’s family and Thuguguda Srinivas’s family since many years and both Shivanna and Darshan were friendly as usual. . People have seen Darshan attending all programs of Shivanna and vice versa. After this controversy, the frequency of meet was less..

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But as a happy news for fans, the moment of seeing both of them in same stage has come true. Today the ‘Natya Praveena’ of Kannada film industry Mr. Shashikumar’s son Aditya Shashikumar debut movie ‘Modave’ (acne) was clapped at Kanteerava studio in Bangalore. Karunada Chakravarthi Dr. Shivarajkumar and Challenging star Darshan and Raghavendra Rajkumar graced the occasion and congratulated Adithya. Dr. Shivanna clapped the film.

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After clapping event, Shivarajkumar and Darshan exchanged greetings, Darshan and Raghavendra Rajkumar spent sometime for chatting too. Meanwhile Raghu took a selfie!

Fans were very happy and went to celebration to cherish the moments.. Watch the exciting moments in below video:

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