Bollywood is dumb for Challenging Star Darshan Records!!

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Trailer means it should have punch dailogues, the turning points of story, Hero entry and few catchy songs bit. There was a movie that stood independent to traditional way of trailers. There were no such dailogues or song bits just with BGM, the released trailer created sensation and rised the curiosity level in fans. It is none other than ‘Chakravarthy'(Emperor) of Sandalwood.
Challenging Star Darshan kind heart beated for Kodagu

Yes. There were no conversations but still a super hit trailer for those days. Its all because of Box Office Sultan, Challenging Star Darshan as hero. The Chakravarthy started creating records since trailer and a surprise matter is still ruling of Emperor is on.

Shivarajkumar commented on Darshan’s father during “The Villain” audio launch
The movie was released in Apr 2017 and became the best underworld movie of the year 2017. Deepa Sannidhi was heroine of Darshan for Chakravarthy. Interesting matter was Darshan brother Dinakar also acted for the first time.

Darshan Shivanna sharing same stage: fans are very happy for this stars meet!!
The matter is all about whats new record? Darshan movie Chakravarthy is re-released! Yes. But dont be surprised because this is Hindi version of Chakravarthy. Now Hindi dubbed version created YouTube records. Just within 5 days of release, the movie grabbed 9.1+M views and broke all previous records. Thus Darshan proved to be Box-Office Sultan even in other languages. Bollywood is literally dumb for the broken records.

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