Stock Market news : Check Today’s price for gold, Silver, Petrol…

As noted on 08 Jan’19:
Market Share points are as below:
SENSEX : Previous Closure was 35850.16 and today it is at 35960.83
NIFTY : Previous Closure was 10771.80 and today it is at 10790.10

Do you ride in Bangalore? Check the Oil price:
In Bangalore, today’s Diesel price is ₹64.28 per Ltr. Petrol rate is ₹70.74 /Ltr. Today’s lowest disel rate ₹59.28 per Ltr and Petrol rate ₹64.79 per Ltr was noted in Chandigarh Union Teritory.

Does Gold and Silver, buyers friendly? Check the details here:
Today’s gold rate Previous Closure was ₹31648.00 Per 10 GRMS shows no change from yeasterdays in global market. In Bangalore todays rate for 22 carat Gold is ₹29650 Per 10 GRMS and for 24 carat it is ₹32700. Silver rate is ₹41300.00 per KG shows increase in price by ₹200.

Currency price changes:
USD/INR is ₹69.68 (increased by 0.30) while EUR/INR is ₹79.6854 (increased by 0.0625).

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