Top five highest viewed Kannada trailers. Check the details of ranks..

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Movie success can be predicted from the time of promotions. One of the way to create the craze and drag the interest of audience is trailers. YouTube has provided one such platform to reach the people through trailers. Now a days Kannada trailers are giving good competition with other languages and even got very good success. Kannada trailers are seeing their peak of success. Let us check here to know which movie is in which position..

Punit Rajkumar’s ‘Anjaniputra’ trailer was released in end of 2017. Till date the trailer got around 3.7M views and in 5th position from top.
The one which created craze in youths was Rakshith Shetty directed and starred ‘Kirik Party’. The trailer was very creative and got very good response too. The trailer of those movie had got 3.8M views till now holding 4th rank.

Duniya Vijay’s most expected movie ‘Masti Gudi’ had a different reason to reach the people. Whatever may be the reason the trailer was viewed for 4.6M times and it got top 3rd position.
Coming to recently released movies, Challenging Star Darshan’s ‘Yajamana’ trailer was released on last Sunday and giving a hint that this is going to break all the previous records. As on 12th Feb the views reached 11,614,324. The score is expected to go still high till release.

Coming to the record breaker movie of the year 2018, Rocking Star Yash starred blockbuster movie KGF trailer had got 17.9M views! With this, it still hold the position 1 and all records with itself.

With these trends sandalwood movies show the hope of ruling the Indian film world.

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