Way do Indian married women Wear Toering

Why married women need to wear Toe Ring..?
Toe ring is an auspicious ornament as considred in Hindu Tradition. It is one of the five must wear jewellary by any married women. Other four would include Mangal Sutra, Kumkum or Bindi, Bangles and Nose ring. It will be worn in second toe on both sides. Usually Toe Ring will be made of Silver. In few cases even Gold made is also noticed. As per Hindu Tradition, this will be worshipped and put to bride during marriage. In this days of fashion trends even Toe ring found its transformations in designs and modernity.
Why one need wear Toe Ring :
It has got traditional values. Yes. It is believed to induce sexual desires in the bride as Silver is the cause for it. Secondly, Indian famous Ayurveda tells that, when you wear in the second Toe, it has a nerve connection to womb. Which keeps the Genital organs healthy and active. Also any menstrual related problems can be solved it seems!. As told already about nerve connection it can even regularize the menstrual cycle. Even it is believed that since there is a nerve connection between heart and second toe, it can even keep heart healthy.
Checking in spiritual view, Silver is believed to have positive energy. Positive energy is believed to flow upwards and negative energy to downwards if you wear toe ring. This is also noted in Ayurveda.
With all these beliefs, traditional values and Silver properties, it is advised to married women to wear Ring in second toe regularly.

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