You will be shocked to know about renumeration of Ambareesh for Kurukshetra!!

As a hero famous Kannada Rebel star Ambareesh started his career with another star Vishnuvardhan in “Nagarahavu”. As all know he ended his movie life by “Kurukshetra” taking the time of Bheeshma the main epic character in Mahabharata story. The late actor had scored more than century as lead actor. For his last movie he gave 20 days call sheet.
When story was narrated to him, in first talk here denied the role of Bheeshma but later producer Muniratna made him to accept the proposal. But the matter here is about how much renumeration was paid to the senior actor Ambi?.. continue reading for further details here..

Kurukshetra has Dardhan in lead role as Duryodhana and Ambareesh in Bheeshma role. But Ambareesh got 0 payment for his act of 20 days. What?! Yes.. you read the number 0 correctly.. The great senior actor didn’t accept and even didn’t expected any payment from producer. This is all because of their akin friendship they maintained for a long time in industry. The same was remembered by producer Muniratna.

Though producer forced him to take atleast a part of it, Ambi denied house offer. And he also dub the dialogue in only 2 days! Audience can expect the Kurukshetra on 8th of August in silver screens.

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