Pailwan TV rights demand is in crores? can you guess the numbers..

Sandalwood movies are no more bound to Kannada people. Yes. We have seen, KGF and many other big budget movies buzzing in other language theatres, sometime more than in native language!. Now the turn is for ‘Pailwan’.
Kiccha Sudeep starred Pailwan as already known for its huge mega heros starcast including Hollywood, Bollywood etc. The movie will be screened in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Malayalam and many others. Already Pailwan is creating huge demand for Dubbing rights, TV rights and on-line screening audio-video rights.
As per reports Rs.14 crores is offered Hindi dubbed version TV rights it seems!!. But team is in discussion about the same and will be dealed soon. After the formal agreements team will reveal the matter. Even it is said that other language version TV rights are also discussion in parallel.
Already date for release is fixed to Aug 9th, same day as Darshan’s Kurukshetra. So many doubting if there is a change in release date of Pailwan. But producer is not changed his mind. ‘The release date is planned since 1.5month. Also it will be screened in multi languages, hence so no change in release date’ report says.
Some more thing about Sudeep to tell is, he has lost around 15 KG weight to become Pailwan!. Bollywood SalmanKhan himself wished Sudeep personally for such a great movie!. As per director Krishna, a colourful and big set is been built in Hyderabad for the shoot.

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