Team Pakistan is scared of this Indian Player it seems!!

Team Pakistan looks scared of this Indian Player it seems!!

Still the confusion of Pak facing India in WorldCup 2019 tourney persists. Meanwhile Pakistan team is suffering from poor performance. Already lost the series and looks not upto mark.

While comparing India and Pak, anybody can choose ‘Team India’ as his favourite. This might have induced Pakistan team to have a victory over India at any cost. But Team India is strong enough to defeat Pak and looks like Pak team is scared this is Team Indias’s this cricketer.

He is nothing but great batsman Virat Kohli!. Virat Kohli is one of the fear factor for Pak team – revealed by former Pak captain and right hand batsman Misbah Ul haq!!

Virat is noticed to be the key player and could take the team to victory even in great stress with his good leading skills. Seems like Team Pakistan is planning for strategies to trap Team India and Virat.

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