Worried of lack of milk to feed your little ones? Good Tips to lactating mothers

If your little star is crying for milk you are worried, if you could feed enough milk he/she needs. You will be more worried on the days of eating Junk food. you may even notice that milk getting thinner after 3 months. Few mothers even eat more believing their kid will become fat enough. But what to eat to increase the lactation?? Read further for details..

Top 10 things that are mainly chosen by Indian women and also followed worldwide for lactating mother to increase breast milk are as below..
#1 : Garlic : Garlic is one of the richest ingredient that can considerably help in increasing breast milk. It is used mainly for it is good flavour but proven to help in reducing stomach pain of child and if you do not like the smell of garlic, you can even have garlic pallets.

#2 : Oatmeal : The major cause of reduction of milk is because of Anaemia. Post pregnancy, one will lose blood significantly. The need of iron is very much for lactating mothers. Studies reveal that Oatmeal could be a good source to supply iron to mothers which can induce milk generation.
#3 : Carrot : To increase milk and for good growth of Child Vitamin A is very much needed. It also nourishes skin and eye.
#4 : Green Papaya : Papaya is abundantly available and more famous fruit in Asian region. Green Papaya is said to increase oxytocin in body thus increasing milk in lactating mothers. One can even eat cooked Papaya or can consume in soup form.
#5 : Spinach : Commonly known as Palak. It is a rich source of Iron and must eat in cooked form only.

#6 : Fenugreek Seeds : Fenugreek Seeds are commonly used as seasoning ingredient in Indian curries, Overnight soaked Fenugreek Seeds shall be grinded by adding jaggery to make juice or even in the form halwa this shall be consumed to increase milk. This can also increase immunity power.
#7 : Fennel Seeds : big Fennel Seeds could work is similar to Oestrogen hormone and could increase breast milk.
#8 : Dried fruits : Nuts have the contents that could help serotonin hormone secretion thus inducing breast milk.

#9 : Suva leaves : Commonly called as Indian Dill or Sabbasige. This can be used in any form such as soup, palya, roti. This leaves can do a magic and a mother can notice of increase of milk the day consume! And may even they feel heaviness in breast due to more milk!!
#10 : Salmon : DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid rich source is Salmon. This also helps lactating mothers to induce milk.

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